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Download this FREE Excel Template to understand all formulae and calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in Excel.

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    what you get:

    FREE Excel Template to understand all formulae in OEE as well as calculation of OEE with practical example.

    What is it all about?

    You will learn the formulae and the meaning for each of the term used in the calculation of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE):

    1. Total Available Time

    2. Planned Shutdown

    3. Scheduled Operating Time

    4. Downtime Loss

    5. Ideal Cycle Time

    6. Operating Time

    7. Net (Effective) Operating Time

    8. Speed Loss

    9. Total Production

    10. Good Production

    11. Production Rejects

    12. Availability Rate

    13. Performance Rate

    14. Quality Rate, and

    15. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)